Douglas Bullock

Principle at DBA Pte Ltd

Working in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK since 2013.

Are you feeling down and stressed, just languishing or looking for new challenges and greater happiness? Do you want to run a more efficient and sustainable organization? Douglas Bullock delivers therapeutic and coaching services for wellbeing, for the relief of distress, for personal development and for organizational change, bringing about flourishing, happy and meaningful lives and sustainable and responsible organizations.

Calm, respectful and ethically driven.

Services for the individual, the alleviation of mood and anxiety disorders and phobias, the delivery of mindfulness and acceptance techniques, resilience training and stress inoculation. The use of hypnotherapy, when appropriate. For personal flourishing and success, the use of Positive Psychology, personal values analysis, character strengths identification and development, self-actualization, career skills development and flow optimization. Also, group work in the community, with those with special needs.

Approachable, focused and completely confidential.

He also consults on organizational change management, providing information and opinion research, change management strategy and programme design, programme execution, analysis and reporting, and ongoing account support.

Responsible, user-friendly and efficient.

News: Currently in development as a therapeutic and communication tool is Humour.

About Douglas Bullock

Douglas Bullock (Douglas) has a graduate diploma in Positive Psychology and is qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress Management, Hypnotherapy and professional Supervision. Since 2011, he has continuously trained in mental health sciences in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore and has additional qualifications in Solution Focused Therapy, Interactive Psychology, counselling in the community, Clinical Hypnosis, Bioenergetics, Family Relational Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Addiction, Sexuality, and Psychology in Fitness.

He is a member of the Association for Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Singapore (APACS), the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) in the UK, and the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

Douglas is bound by the ethical and procedural requirements of the professional bodies APACS, GHR and IPPA, of which he is a member. This insures absolute confidentiality, complete positive regard and a total commitment to his clients’ welfare. He is insured, in continuous professional development and in supervision.

As well as a large number of individuals, and the NGO Mindset in Singapore, he has worked for Barclays Bank, General Motors, Mercantile Credit, Mitsubishi Electric, Tussauds Group, Thyssen-Krupp and SIA.

His interest in mental health and wellbeing followed a long career in design and project direction for the cultural, popular entertainment and corporate sectors, devising theatrical productions, exhibitions, product launches, theme parks, theatres and museums, media production and in corporate communications for marketing, brand management and in organizational change management

Fees are flexible according to the client’s circumstances. Only cash payments are accepted at this time. Douglas does voluntary work in the community and pro bono work in situations of special need.


In order to establish what is to be done to enable wellbeing, a free consultation of half an hour is offered at the beginning. This will allow us to develop a relationship and design a programme of change, which upon agreement with a client, will be consolidated into a contract.

Working sessions can be face-to-face, by Zoom, or by another video/audio medium, such as WhatsApp or Facetime.

Although the coaching disciplines used are often similar, organization change management is a different relationship from those with individuals. These require a more formal business approach, in line with the client’s procurement processes.

Thank you for your interest.